Gilan Kesht Rice Production Co. with more than 50 years work experience is one of the biggest rice producers in Iran. Gilan Kesht strategy was supply of demands of local major consumption centers till 2014, and afterward, it has added two classes of target customer to its business plan.

Firs class: supply of products for the minor consumers

Second class: export of rice to other countries abroad

With this objective, and with the help and cooperation of well-known Iranian managers and local and foreign major businessmen, it has achieved significant progress in this course.

On 2018, this company, through the establishment of a new system in its supply chain with the objective of ease of access of the final consumer, opened its internet shop, which at present is one of the most successfull businesses in the country.

We are ready to cooperate with the traders and businessmen for supply of local and export demand.

For more information, you could contact us with the following telephone number:

Factory: 013-34491058

Head office: 021-71053995